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Bluetooth LE Research Papers

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC Address Based Crowd Data Collection and Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges and Enhancement
The Bluetooth Mesh Standard: An Overview and Experimental Evaluation
Accuracy analysis of the RSSI BLE SensorTag signal for indoor localization purposes
IoT-Based Prognostics and Systems Health Management for Industrial Applications
Unsupervised Indoor Localization Based on Smartphone Sensors, iBeacon and Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Networks: A Survey
Analysis of Latency Performance of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Networks
Indexing for Moving Objects in Multi-Floor Indoor Spaces That Supports Complex Semantic Queries
Developing a Human Motion Detector using Bluetooth. Beacons and its Applications
Applications of Secure Location Sensing in Healthcare
Designing Outdoor Learning Spaces With iBeacons: Combining Place-Based Learning With the Internet of Learning Things
Analysis of Object Location Accuracy for iBeacon Technology based on the RSSI Path Loss Model and Fingerprint Map
Combining Smartphone and iBeacon Technologies in a Transit Quality Survey
Detecting group (crowd) formations using iBeacon
Years-Long Binary Image Broadcast using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
A Bluetooth Low Energy Indoor Positioning System with Channel Diversity, Weighted Trilateration and Kalman Filtering
Smart Workspace – Using iBeacon
iBeacon indoor localization using trusted-ranges model
Performance Comparison of RSS Algorithms for Indoor Localization in Large Open Environments
The Bluetooth Mesh Standard: An Overview and Experimental Evaluation
Book Searching Navigation in Libraries Based on iBeacon Technology
Bluetooth Mesh Energy Consumption: A Model
TimeSynchronization in a Network of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
An Intelligent Low-Power Displaying System with Integrated Emergency Alerting Capability
Detecting Group Formations using iBeacon Technology
A Survey on Bluetooth Multi-hop Networks
A Robust Indoor Positioning Method based on Bluetooth Low Energy with Separate Channel Information
An Interactive Real-Time Locating System Based on Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon Network
Exploring Bluetooth Beacon Use Cases in Teaching and Learning: Increasing the Sustainability of Physical Learning Spaces
City Marathon Active Timing System Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
Toxic Friends in Your Network: Breaking the Bluetooth Mesh Friendship Concept
Improving the Timeliness of Bluetooth Low Energy in Noisy RF Environments
Parking System Using Beacons
Movement Constraint-based Location Tracking
iBeacon Indoor Positioning Method Combined with Real-Time Anomaly Rate to Determine Weight Matrix
Aging in Place Assisted by Bluetooth Beacons
Bluetooth LE in Smart Cities
Using Bluetooth RSSI for Visually Impaired Navigation
Using Bluetooth Mesh and Space, Time, Frequency Diversity to Improve Locating Accuracy
Measuring Crowded Museums Using Bluetooth Beacons

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